Grand Seal

Deeper into the Kobold Den

After a few hours of rest the party continued further into the den of the Kobolds, Oartha in the lead scouting ahead and Tezl at the back guarding the flank they dug deeper into the cave. Torches lining the walls of the hallway as the cave moss is all but gone, they realize that this is no longer the cave they believed it was, but rather a well disguised temple. The further down the winding hallway they press the more overpowering the stench of death.

“Perhaps this is a long forgotten tomb of sorts,” Tezl warns as she follows walking backwards with torch in hand.

“Aye, but obviously not too long forgotten if those damn Kobolds found it. This stone seems to be well cut, though. I don’t think they had any part in the construction, damned squatters,” says Brinbar.

As they reach the end of the hallway, they come upon Oartha standing in front of a wooden door. Looking up and seeing the party he signals for silence as he stays listening at the doorway.

“It sounds like stone scraping against stone in there,” Oartha whispers. “I’m not sure what the hell it is. I don’t think it is kobolds though, I haven’t heard one yelp or anything since I’ve been listening.”

“Well, let us go then. We will not get to the bottom of this standing around,” grunts Rum.

Oartha moves from in front of the door, “After you then big guy.” Rum takes a step back and charges the door down, hoping to surprise whatever was scraping the stone. As he regains his composure, a skeletal hand brings a sword down. As it swings through the air, the sword makes a soft humming noise. Just before the sword would strike, the skeleton wielding it is knocked backwards by an arrow striking it in the skull.

“Undead, great… I love undead,” Tezl says as she knocks another arrow.

“Don’t worry lass,” Brinbar says as he takes hold of the Symbol of Pelor on his chest, “the light of Pelor shall protect us from these foul beasts.” As he says this his symbol shines, but he is tackled by Oartha. Just as he hits the ground and is ready to strike his friend, he sees the fangs of a giant snake dug into the ground where he was last standing. “Thanks lad, you saved my arse back there.”

“Don’t mention it dwarf, ever,” he says as he rolls off.

Angrily, the viper begins rattling its tail as it pulls its fangs from the ground. And strikes towards the dragonborn. “Brinbar, take care of the skeletons while I keep this thing at bay.”

Just as before, the cleric brandishes his holy symbol, “PELOR’S WRATH BE GREAT!” As he says these words the symbol shines brightly and Holy light shines from within each of the skeletons before reducing the skeletons to dust in an explosion. “It’s done, praise be to Pelor,” he whispers in a prayer, before turning his attention towards the viper.

A blast of eldritch energy catches the viper and knocks its head up. Seeing his opening, Rum drives his shield upward and forces the viper nearly airborn. As he does this a twin attack from both Tezl and Oartha’s blades slash through the viper’s body, and Rum brings his warhammer down upon the beast’s head sending it crashing to the ground.

“Well that was fun,” Oartha says as he lifts the sword from the skeleton off the ground with a kick of his foot. As he touches the blade with both hands, it splits apart and creates two similar blades. “Cool, why couldn’t it have been daggers. Heads up Tezl.” And he throws the blades at Tezl who catches both blades. “Ooh, neat!” she says while spinning the blades in her hand.

“Comon, lets go. With a guardian like that, we have to be getting close to the end of this temple.” Rum walks to the front of the group. “I better take point from now on Oartha. I’m not sure how worthwhile stealth is gonna be now.”

With the paladin in the lead, the group makes its way further into the temple. After a few empty areas they finally come upon another door. “Shhh,” Rum warns, “I hear some Draconic chanting.”

“Do you know what they are saying Rum?” Oartha whispers as he draws his newly-found dagger from it’s sheath.

“Kind of, it is a dialect I am not exactly familiar with. Maybe some sort of ancient Draconic. I can understand bits and pieces though. Something about the “dark prince.”

“Orcus? This cannot be good, lad. We need te get in there and stop ‘em. Squash out these cultists before they git outta hand.” As Brinbar says this he is clutching his holy symbol tightly in his gloved hands.

Plimsol steps forwards towards the door, hands glowing with eldritch energy. “This I agree with, short one. The Raven Queen desires these cultists snuffed out, and in her name we shall.”

Suddenly the chanting stops and the ear piercing noise of stone scraping on stone, followed by four loud slams and rocks crumbling.

Still standing near the doorway Plimsol peers into the room. “One of the kobolds in the room is raising these skeletons we’ve been fighting. He must be their leader.”

“Well then, we have our mark, let’s make sure to end this threat now. In Bahamut’s name, the undead shall be destroyed.” As he finishes his prayer, he kicks open the doorway to a large chamber.

The burial chamber is quite large and highly decorated. Torches lining the walls and two braziers beside a makeshift altar provide more than enough for even those without good vision to see clearly. A kobold wearing robes and carrying a very ornately designed staff is standing over the altar in the center of the room. Beside him stands two other kobolds each holding spears and javelins, both visibly frightened by the door suddenly bursting into the room.

Adventures into the Kobold Den

22nd day of the 3rd month in the 205th year of the Age of Granseal

“With the peace accords wrapping up in the following weeks, the Royal Palace guards will be accompanying the ambassadors back to their respective countries. As soldiers of the tower and city guard of Granseal, your performance has proven yourself to be worthy of filling in at the position of Royal Guard. When the Royal guards take their leave, you will be called up. Until then however, there is an important task you must look into. Your job as city guards is not done yet. The cleric Azerat of the temple of Corellon has had religious relics stolen from his temple. He said that he awoke one evening to the sound of a crash of some sorts. When he looked up he saw a small creature scurry away. Go speak with him and investigate these matters further.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Steiger Flametongue

Upon walking into the cathedral of the Corellon Temple you are greeted heartedly by a young priest. “Thanks be to the creator, you are here. The father has been worried sick about the thefts that have been going on. He has been awaiting your arrival. Please, go to his chambers, I will lead the way.”

“Very well, take us to your master young priest,” says Plimsol in a very annoyed voice. “I honestly do not see what the matters of the elf god have to do with the city state. Don’t the templars of the church normally attend to matters of your clergy?”

“Ah, calm yourself Plim,” says Rum as he places a hand on his shoulder. “Steiger has asked us to look into this. And at any rate, the idea that someone is robbing temples should worry any guard of the city. Were it the temple of your goddess, you’d be in arms as well about it.”

“Yeah, warlock,” grunts Brinbar. “And besides, these elves can’t take care of themselves anyway. Look at how cute and little they are. They need some meat on their bones if you ask me. Even you look healthy compared to them.” Just as he says this, he steps towards the room where the young man went. As he takes a step forward, Tezl places her longbow at his feet and he falls prone on his face.

Plimsol scoffs at him, “Well, cleric, I suppose the rumors about dwarves being immovable objects, are just that. Perhaps we should get going to see what this old man wants.”

A voice comes from the darkness in the hallway. “That won’t be needed. I’m not just gonna sit around and wait for you all. The little things he was describing were kobolds. He even gave us directions in the way of the den that they scurried off to when they ran.” Oartha comes from the shadows with a small map in hand and hands it to Tezl.

As she looks at the map Tezl looks up at Oartha. “Kobolds? Here? I thought those things were long gone from these parts?”

Rum speaks with much distaste, “My little ‘cousins’ are fairly annoying, and are much like the cockroaches in the Commons. You can drive them out, but they will just come back.” He looks towards Tezl. “Do you know this area, Tezl?”

Still looking over the map she mumbles a little, “What? Oh yeah, I know where this is. Though that’s weird it is just a tiny little cave, I always figured it for an animal den or something. There’s no way that such a little cave could hold a tribe of kobolds. But, it isn’t too far from here, maybe twenty minutes outside of the city limits.”

“Well, shall we then?” Oartha says as he walks out the door


“We should be near the cave by now. Yes, there it is just ahead. Strange, you would think if it were a kobold den they would have someone watching the mouth of the cave?” says Tezl.

Rum looks towards her and Oartha, “You two go scout it out, tell us what you find, I don’t want to be going into this unprepared. Those little buggers are shifty, and known for their traps.”

“Alright, Oartha let’s… Oartha?” Tezl looks around to find him already at the mouth of the cave.

“He’s already way ahead of you my lady,” says Plimsol pointing towards him.

Oartha beckons the group forward with a wave of his hand, upon reaching the mouth of the cave he points down at the ground. “Little tracks in the mud, and look here.” He holds up a holy symbol of Corellon. “Looks like we’ve got the right bandits.”

“I’ll have a look inside the cave, everyone else wait here.” And Tezl goes ahead of the group.

Once inside the cave there sits a group of kobolds. Little doglike creatures with scales instead of skin or fur. There are four kobolds surrounding a little bug-like creature, which they are taking turns poking at with the blunt side of their spears. Every time they poke the bug, flames shoot forth, and the kobolds scream and laugh in a very high pitch squeal. This to them is like a game.

The cave itself looks much like a normal cave, save the blue moss that covers the cave giving off a dim light all around the walls.

“There are four kobolds and one fire beetle in the front of the cave, it also seems to extend further back. My guess is that we’ll find much more of these little guys further in,” Tezl explains when she arrives back outside. “It would probably be beneficial to do this as quietly as possible as to not spook the rest of the kobolds. Perhaps…”

“I agree, lets go guys!” barks Brinbar as he goes marching into the cave warhammer at the ready. “For Pelor!” he yells as a kobold gets struck by a lance of holy light.

“Well so much for the art of stealth. May the Raven Queen accept these souls into her grace,” and Plimsol shifts into the shadows before releasing a blast of eldritch energy.

After the battle is over the party begins going through the possessions of the kobolds to look for any of the temple relics. Oartha notices a small little guy watching them in curiosity. Upon seeing him, the kobold runs off. “Guys we gotta hurry, one of them just spotted us and ran away.”

As they trench through the dark path in the back of the cave, Oartha in the far lead scouting ahead, it is becoming apparent that this is not just a simple cave. The moss growing on the walls is becoming less prominent as they go further in, and the walls and floor are more carved and less natural.

“This looks like it’s been cut by a mason, though definitely not a dwarf mason, that’s for sure. Possibly a dragonborn, they don’t know what they are doing with stone anyway,” scoffs Brinbar.

“He’s right,” says Tezl. And Rum snorts loudly. “Oh, not about the dragonborn, I’m sure your kind is very good at masonry. I’m talking about this cave. It doesn’t seem natural, as if we were walking into an area made just for these kobolds.”

They come on Oartha standing in front of a room that is fairly well lit with a green glow. In the back of the room is a porticulls that is partially up. “He’s right up there,” says Oartha in a whisper. “I wonder why he didn’t go for help?”

The kobold stands alone in front of a fairly wide pit, which is the origin of the green glow.

“Well whatever they case, let’s not stand on ceremony,” says Rum. “For Granseal’s honor!”

As he enters the room, the little kobold yelps something in Draconic. Rum yells, “I’ll show you intruders!”

As he runs inward more kobolds come out. “I wouldn’t go near that pit there Rummy,” yells Plimsol as he is firing an eldritch blast from his fingertips.

“Wasn’t planning on it Plim,” he says as he bashes a kobold down with his shield.

The fight ends rather quickly and as it does Plimsol and Tezl go to investigate the slime while everyone else is checking the bodies. “This is just green goop, nothing really dangerous about it, other than it sticking to you,” says Tezl.

Brinbar sneaks up behind Plimsol who is still looking down into the pit, and looks at Rum with his index finger pressed to his lips in a shushing motion. While this is going on Oartha tries opening the porticullis. Just as Brinbar is trying to push him in the pit, Plimsol looks up to Oartha and says, “Here, let me help you with that.” Brinbar, unable to stop his own momentum falls into the pit, landing in the green goo.

Plimsol laughs and holds his hand out to help Brinbar out of the pit, “Well it definitely improves your natural smell, that’s for sure.” He laughs as he’s pulling Brinbar out.

“Enough, let’s finish what we came here to do,” grunts Rum angrily. As he says this Oartha comes in from the hallway. “I hear some yelping and laughing coming from the next room. And something that sounds like the crunching of bone on bone,” Oartha says as he returns into the light.

The following chamber looks more like the walls of a tomb. Down the hallway, the sound of Kobolds cheering and the sound of some sort of breaking and rattling noises can be heard. After a bit of a curved path they come across an open cavern. The room looks like it might have one day been a tomb, but the Kobolds seem to have turned it into a playground of sorts. Four stone coffins lie at each of the corners of a pool of the same green sludge in the last room. On the opposite side of the room is a 10 ft wall with a set of double wooden doors. Standing on top of the wall is 4 kobolds; two of which are holding slings in their hands while cheering the other two kobolds on. The other two kobolds are holding spears are throwing a stone covered in the green sludge and attached to a rope secured to a hook in the ceiling in the center of the room. On top of the coffins are piles of skulls, littered on the floor around the coffins are broken pieces of bones.

“These little bastards are disrespecting the dead, Pelor shall have vengeance upon them for this!”

Once the battle started, the kobolds quickly turned the game they were playing into a weapon against the closest person; throwing the skull at them and knocking them backwards. The kobolds up top were quickly dispatched by arrow, shuriken, and eldritch energy. This left the double doors to be kicked in by Rum and Brinbar. Once the door was kicked open a kobold holding a shield charges the dragonborn and they do battle. Soon the melee was joined by Oartha and Tezl and two drakes come in to join the shield bearing kobold. In his attempt to get a better flanking position Brinbar was struck down by the pincering bites of the two drakes. Which were brought down by the combined efforts of the other four.

Rum kneeling down by Brinbar’s side murmurs a prayer in Draconic and places his hands on Brinbar’s chest invigorating him. “Try to be a little more careful next time old friend,” Rum says as he helps Brinbar up.

“Found a couple more trinkets on these guys, and Plim and I also found a couple of cool new daggers,” proclaimed Oartha. “They don’t look religious, so I’m pretty sure they were not from the temple, so we’re keeping ‘em.”

“Perhaps we should take a rest,” suggests Tezl. “Brinbar was badly hurt in that last fight, and I noticed in the last room there was a perfect spot in the back where nobody would be able to find us. Just an hour or so should suffice.”

“Agreed, we can rest up a bit, get our energies back and keep going. But we should try to hurry, I’m not sure what is back there but I’d rather find it, than have it find us,” said Plimsol.

Notes to the Royal Guard of Granseal

15th day of the 3rd month in the 204th year of the Age of Granseal

“The fighting has been long and arduous between the nations of Steeltemper and Dragonmire. Each of the cities has known innumerable losses. This is why these meetings have been called to order and these treaties signed. You are the Royal Guards of Granseal, but your appointed task of guarding these delegates is even more important than that. While they are here, they hold the same priority as the Royal family. Once the meetings are over the ambassadors of the cities must return unharmed. I would trust this task to none other than you, the Royal Guards, to do so.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue

27th day of the the 12th month in the 204th year of the Age of Granseal

“Situations and tensions seem to be growing fiercer during the meetings. We will be taking a break from the delegations until after the new year. Perhaps everyone coming together under the banner of a new year will remind everyone just how important it is that we stop all this fighting. The Kings of both nations are coming to Granseal for the celebration, so it is your responsibility to tighten the guard even more than it already is. My brother, King Torrin of Dragonmire, should be here by sundown tomorrow and King Dorn of Steeltemper will be here by the following evening. Stay ever vigilant.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue

2nd day of the 4th month in the 205th year of the Age of Granseal

“Each day that has passed since the Kings of the nations left us has been fraught with anger and bitter arguing. However, we have finally come to an agreement with the two nations. By the morrow, the treaty should be signed and the ambassadors will be ready to be escorted back. Your job is to guard your specified group of delegates and assure their safe travels back home. Afterword, you are to return to Granseal and report in.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue

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