Grand Seal

Notes to the Royal Guard of Granseal

15th day of the 3rd month in the 204th year of the Age of Granseal

“The fighting has been long and arduous between the nations of Steeltemper and Dragonmire. Each of the cities has known innumerable losses. This is why these meetings have been called to order and these treaties signed. You are the Royal Guards of Granseal, but your appointed task of guarding these delegates is even more important than that. While they are here, they hold the same priority as the Royal family. Once the meetings are over the ambassadors of the cities must return unharmed. I would trust this task to none other than you, the Royal Guards, to do so.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue

27th day of the the 12th month in the 204th year of the Age of Granseal

“Situations and tensions seem to be growing fiercer during the meetings. We will be taking a break from the delegations until after the new year. Perhaps everyone coming together under the banner of a new year will remind everyone just how important it is that we stop all this fighting. The Kings of both nations are coming to Granseal for the celebration, so it is your responsibility to tighten the guard even more than it already is. My brother, King Torrin of Dragonmire, should be here by sundown tomorrow and King Dorn of Steeltemper will be here by the following evening. Stay ever vigilant.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue

2nd day of the 4th month in the 205th year of the Age of Granseal

“Each day that has passed since the Kings of the nations left us has been fraught with anger and bitter arguing. However, we have finally come to an agreement with the two nations. By the morrow, the treaty should be signed and the ambassadors will be ready to be escorted back. Your job is to guard your specified group of delegates and assure their safe travels back home. Afterword, you are to return to Granseal and report in.”

Ordered and signed by Captain Stieger Flametongue



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