The nation of Granseal is led by King Lancelot Presteem, his advisor, best friend, and a Cleric by the name of Gaftog Brightbeard, and the captain of the guards Warlord Steiger Flametongue. This nation has been a staple in all technological and magical advancements for the past two hundred years, being the centralized hub for researchers from all nations to gather together. In the past, other countries at war were invited to Granseal as a neutral site in which to discuss terms of peace, each country fearing reprisal from the might of Granseal were they to refuse. The most recent treaty between the dragonborn city of Dragonmire and the dwarven city of Steeltemper being just a few weeks old. Granseal is a fairly peaceful city, despite its size and large population; something that Steiger and his soldiers take as a personal accomplishment.

The city was founded by Lancelot’s ancestors over two hundred years ago, and named because of the dark past of the land before it was as it is now. Over three hundred years ago the land was overrun by warring between worshipers of the gods Zehir (the snake/poison god of the Yuan-ti) and Orcus (the demon prince of the Undead). Historians say that the war ravaged the land for countless years until finally the Yuan-ti were victorious. The leader of the cult of Orcus, Dreadmyre was captured by the leader of the Yuan-ti forces, and in the ultimate act of evil turned into a Yuan-ti and imprisoned. However his was the last laugh, with the final rites being said upon his still living tomb he uttered words of the Dark Speech and the leader of the Yuan-ti cults (the Anathema Yssern) was driven mad. In his rage, he slaughtered countless numbers of his followers. The leaders of the neighboring countries saw this opportunity to strike down at the last remaining Yuan-ti and banned together to destroy the remnants of the once great cult. Being attacked on two fronts, one by the Anathema they once revered and the alliance of the countries, the Yuan-ti cultists were slain with ease, the few that managed to escape fled into the Underdark and have not been heard from since. Unable to best the Anathema in it’s maddened rage, it was imprisoned in the same tomb as Dreadmyre and sealed away by magics forgotten of these times. The world was peaceful once again, and a settlement was built over the magical seal known as The Grand Seal, and the city became known as Granseal; forever a reminder and protector of the seal imprisoning the world’s two greatest threats.

The Granseal campaign is based on the 4E D&D world, using most of the supplemental books for class features, feats, and monsters. The PCs are a part of the city guards, however they do have backup characters (should any of them die) that they will soon meet in the campaign as a collection of mercenaries, soldiers, or other adventurers.

Grand Seal